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Shanghai ofluorine chemical technology co.,ltd was established in 1997. Our company were dedicated to manufacture and supply PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride), fluororubber, FEVE fluorocarbon resin, PVDF (including T-1 PVDF for coatings, Z-1 PVDF for injection moulding, PVDF film for solar back sheet, T-2 PVDF for powder coatings, D-1 PVDF lithium ion battery binders, Ofluorine 904 PVDF for water UF membranes, J-2 PVDF for extrusion moulding, M-1 PVDF for molding moulding, PVDF copolymer etc). We supply high quality raw materials for our customers. There are well trained, veteran engineers in our company, and we owned complete coating lab equipment in Shanghai.


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